40 years of simulators exploitation for the STIB metro training centre

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For more than 20 years up to today, the metro of Brussels (STIB) has trusted us for multiple upgrades on their simulators and delivery of new solutions.

  • Metro of Brussels - Belgium (STIB)
  • 3 Full-Cab Simulators
  • 3 instructor stations
  • Observation facilities
  • CAF M6
  • Alstom/Bombardier M5
  • Alstom/Bombardier M4

The Metro of Brussels (STIB), which supplies the 19 municipalities of Brussels-Capital Region and its periphery with bus, trams and metro services, currently owns three metro driving simulators in its Delta training centre: one for the CAF M6, one for the Alstom/Bombardier M5 and another one for the Alstom/Bombardier M4. The metro training centre has been existing for almost 40 years and trains up to 50 drivers every year.


Simulators perfectly respond to the Belgian operator requirements in terms of training by fulfilling three significant functions: getting trainees familiarised with driving and signalling, teaching troubleshooting and rolling stock maintenance procedures.


The three STIB simulators are further detailed below. Since their commissioning, they have been upgraded several times to the latest technological improvements.


Designed in the 80s, the M4 simulator is quite particular. It is an actual metro manufactured by Alstom/Bombardier including two cabs, two passenger compartments, a real pneumatic system... Over 400 failures can be simulated on the M4 simulator.


The M5 simulator, used since 1990, has been integrated in a metro cab manufactured by Alstom/Bombardier. The M5 is the first electronical metro used by STIB and involved modifications of operation procedures. Instructors can provoke up to 400 failures on the M5 Full-Cab.


In 2005, as we designed a Full-Cab Simulator for CAF M6 metro, we also upgraded M4 and M5. For both simulators, we improved the simulation management software; we took in charge the refurbishment of material such as intercom and telephony systems; we integrated new features… 


The M6 Full-Cab, which replicates the inside-cab of the CAF M6, allows the simulation of approximately 600 failures. We recently enhanced the human-machine interface of the simulator software. On top of making the software more intuitive, this upgrade was the chance to adjust the simulator to the M6 metro retrofits. It was also the occasion to improve the realism of the virtual train. Those improvements have reinforced the training of M6 metro drivers.