51 ERTMS simulators (Level 1) - SNCB

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Transurb Simulation was in charge of upgrading the 46 train driving simulators of the Belgian railway company to enable training for the European protection system.

  • SNCB: the National Railway Company of Belgium
  • Integration of actual ERTMS DMI and EVC
  • Set of exercises
  • 27 kilometres of accurate tracks with ERTMS level 1
  • Bombardier/Alstom AM96
  • Alstom T13

In each simulator, two Full-Cabs and 49 Compacts, we integrated actual ERTMS DMI and EVC provided by Ersa, the software engineering company. We also designed a new 3D visual system including 27 kilometres of realistic tracks and Eurobalises. In the near future, the line will be extended with fifteen or so kilometres.


The ERTMS simulation is extremely representative of reality: when a train crosses one Eurobalise, it sends data regarding the situation to the EVC which processes information in real time and shares it on the DMI.


To get drivers familiarised with the European system, we also prepared a set of self-training exercises. For instance, trainees can learn how to switch from ERTMS to STM (TBL1+ in this case) with ease. This kind of training is essential for drivers as there are still some portions of the Belgian network which are not equipped with ERTMS.