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Official Roll-out of TrainLab App with Demo Topic

The future of training is here ! Do you want to catch a glimpse of TrainLab, Transurb fully interactive advanced training solution designed for Railways Undertakers. Its mission is to leverage technology to improve learning outcomes of trainees by offering them a portable tool to train on demand and learn by trial and errors. The application is both multi- and cross-platform to enable students and Instructors to use it anytime, anywhere. It utilizes gamification such as storytelling and scoring systems inside an immersive and engaging 2D/3D Universe and can be interfaced with standard Learning Management Systems (SCORM compliant).

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Appointment of Yannick Gilis as new CEO of Transurb

As from 1 July 2018, Transurb Simulation’s general manager, Yannick Gilis, will succeed Peter Van Gaelen and become Transurb SA’s new Chief Executive Officer. Gauthier Van Damme will logically step in as General Manager of the Simulation Business Unit of Transurb.

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ETCS Level 2 for SNCB Simulators in Belgium

Once again, the national Belgian railway (SNCB) has put its trust in Transurb’s expertise in the fields of rail training solutions and more specifically ERTMS simulation by choosing us to upgrade its 50 simulators across Belgium with ETCS level 2.

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KRAO’s Instructors Ready for Training with their 12 ETCS Driving simulators!

Instructors’ training completed! Transurb’s team completed the training of KRAO’s instructors (Kouvolan Rautatie ja Aikuiskoulutus Oy, a Finnish training centre) in the framework of the client’s NS2020 Project. This project involved the development of a brand-new simulation program in Kouvola and was launched with a view to making KRAO a major reference on the rail training market in Finland.

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SETRAG Trusts Transurb Simulation for Freight Simulators

SETRAG, the operating company of the Trans-Gabon Railway, foresees a significant traffic increase on the 670 km-long track in the upcoming years. The Trans-Gabon Railway is almost entirely dedicated to the mineral freight transport from the port station Owendo, in Libreville, to Franceville. This projected growth calls for major investments in the renovation and optimisation of the line, but also in train drivers’ training. In this framework, SETRAG has chosen Transurb Simulation to provide it with a complete training solution.

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New Simulation Solutions for MÁV-START and KTI

With time comes always the need to refurbish equipment and to complete it with brand new technologies, in order to ensure quality and security. Transurb is very proud that MÁV-START, the passenger transport division of the Hungarian State Railways, has chosen to collaborate with us for this phase of renewal of their train driving simulators fleet.

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