The Norwegian Full-Cab Simulator on motion system

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Along with its order of 50 Stadler FLIRT trains, NSB requested a Full-Cab Simulator on a dynamic platform, a Train Crew Simulator and a Computer-Based Training solution for maintenance staff. 

  • Stadler: manufacturer of railway rolling stock in Switzerland
  • NSB (Norges Statsbaner): Norwegian State Railways
  • 1 Full-Cab Simulator on motion system
  • 200 kilometres of accurate tracks with ATC
  • 1 instructor station
  • Observation facilities
  • Stadler FLIRT (types: 74 and 75)

The Full-Cab Simulator was required by NSB to certify drivers’ skills, thereby maintaining safety on the Norwegian network. Drivers needed to be familiarised with the train, its movements, ambient sounds, operations and troubleshooting procedures, all routes, ATC, GSM-R…


Our team was in charge of the entire project. We integrated our software solution within the real inside of a cab provided by Stadler. We also designed the hardware of the simulator which we placed on a dynamic platform. The real-like movements improve the training experience.


At the same time, Stadler was still building the FLIRT train. The advancement of the simulator conception thus depended on the progression of the train construction. The project required a close and regular cooperation between Stadler, NSB and our engineers to keep the project in line with NSB expectations.


We delivered the high-tech simulator in time. NSB is very pleased of its training solution and expressed its positive impressions on our collaboration.