NSB Computer-Based Training (Norway)

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For NSB, we designed a Computer-Based Training solution dedicated to share theoretical content of the FLIRT train with NSB drivers, train crew and maintenance personnel. 

  • Stadler: manufacturer of railway rolling stock in Switzerland
  • NSB (Norges Statsbaner): Norwegian State Railways
  • Computer-Based Training solution
  • Stadler FLIRT (types: 74 and 75)

The Norwegian railway company called for a solution to enhance its courses and simulation training as it ordered 50 trains from the Swiss manufacturer, Stadler. The online tool appeared as the best solution since it offers flexibility and independence.


The program provides an overview of the technical equipment of the FLIRT train and of the basic operation and malfunction procedures relating to this train.


Completed with a Learning Management System (LMS), all training information is therefore stored and analysed, so students can be evaluated, certified and followed-up.


Furthermore, CBT enables trainees to learn independently and with flexibility, wherever and whenever they have time to spend on training.


In order to offer the most refined solution, we developed the CBT with the occasional help of two e-learning experts: Defimedia and Now.be.