Claude Kontcho

Operations Director at SETRAG

Transurb solutions brought a real added value to our training equipment’s. We will be able to make good use of these precious tools that are certainly pioneering technology in our region.

Lillian Jære Teigen

Senior advisor at VY

Transurb attitude has been unique, for any new requirement from us, the answer was always; “We will look into it and propose a solution”, never “no, this is not possible”.

Grégory Capon

Education Manager and Project Manager of Blended learning at ECR

Transurb’s state-of-the-art technology and agile software development are adapted to current and future evolutions of simulation training. 

Diana Zapata

Simulation Project Manager at the Research, Development and Innovation Department of MDM

Transurb Metro Simulator allows instructors to recreate the different events, scenarios, incidents and degraded mode conditions without the need to technically wear down the real rolling stock. 

Halvor Persen Gundersen

Technical Manager at the NSB Training Centre

Even though our training requirements are quite high, Transurb has always been eager to meet our requests. 

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