Computer-based solution for maintenance staff

A computer-based simulation solution for stib maintenance staff

For more than 15 years, STIB has been using its NOVUM tool which offers maintainers (beginners and experienced) the possibility to train for procedures of corrective maintenance.

CLIENT & END USERBrussels Public Transport Operator (STIB)
PROJECTComputer-based simulator for maintenance staff
1 instructor station
Alstom/Bombardier M5 metro
Alstom/Bombardier M4 metro
Alstom/Bombardier T2000 tramway
Bombardier T3000 tramway
Bombardier T4000 tramway

The entire technical functioning of the rolling stock is simulated through interactive schemas and pictures. In other words, trainees can virtually access any electrical, electronical and pneumatic circuits as well as auxiliary equipment. They also have virtual tools at their disposal such as voltage tension measuring to diagnose situation and undertake troubleshooting procedures.

The software runs on any standard computer and is managed from an instructor station. The instructor can trigger up to 7.000 different malfunctions per rolling stock, since every single circuit is simulated.