Rail simulation application on tablet

Rail simulation application to boost the recruitment of train drivers

The National Railway Company of Belgium requested a simulation solution to boost the attractiveness of the railway sector and to appeal to potential train drivers.

CLIENTSNCB: the National Railway Company of Belgium
PROJECT3 Nano Simulators
Web-based simulator
Application for iOS and Android
ROLLING STOCKBombardier/Alstom AM96

To properly meet the expectations of SNCB, we designed driving simulators intended for potential future drivers. Anyone who tries out one of those simulators has one mission to accomplish: take passengers from one station to another in time and safely.

Users perform their duty in realistic driving conditions. In this way, they get familiarised with the challenges encountered by drivers, the train behaviour, the signalling system in service… Advice is displayed to assist beginners throughout the driving process.

At the end of the simulation, drivers have access to their performance results. The exercise is rated against four criteria: security, punctuality, passengers’ comfort and energy consumption.

The software recruitment has been configured for three ranges of simulators: Nano, web-based and application. The three delivered Nano Simulators enable SNCB to share train driving experience at job fairs or any exhibition. The recruitment tool is also available on the company web site and downloadable on smartphones and tablets.

The project took place as the Belgian railway company was anticipating the risk of labour shortage regarding the train driver profession. Indeed, the average age of drivers is increasing and many of them will soon take retirement. The simulators definitely respond to this issue by attracting new drivers. Moreover, they help boosting the corporate image of SNCB by focusing on eco-driving, passengers’ comfort and respect of safety standards and timetables.