Train Crew Simulator

The norwegian train crew simulator

To get NSB train crew familiarised with its future trains, Transurb designed an original solution… a Train Crew Simulator!

CLIENT & END USERStadler: manufacturer of railway rolling stock in Switzerland
NSB (Norges Statsbaner): Norwegian State Railways
PROJECT1 Train Crew Simulator
ROLLING STOCKStadler FLIRT (types: 74 and 75)

As NSB was ordering 50 Flirt trains to Stadler, it also ordered a simulator for the training of its entire crew: a Train Crew Simulator.

The simulator is based on an actual system delivered by Stadler which includes a cab and a passenger compartment and offers the possibility to use and handle on-train equipment. 

This includes operation and troubleshooting procedures on service equipment, interior and exterior doors, wheelchair elevator and toilets as well as practicing alternative ways of using equipment in case of technical failures. The platform also enables training for cooperation procedures between drivers and coach staff.

An instructor station to set-up, monitor and assess training sessions comes with the system. The station being fully-equipped, it allows instructors to take up the role of any external agent, to activate fire alarm and so on… Observation facilities were also provided for knowledge sharing.

Since the FLIRT was still under construction when we started the Crew Simulator development, we worked in close collaboration with Stadler engineers to deliver the functional replica of the train.

This solution represented the ideal platform to respond to NSB needs in terms of crew training and to ensure a high-quality travel experience to passengers… The Norwegian State Railways is indeed very satisfied of their solution.