STIB tramway training centre

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Simulation sessions are a significant part of STIB tramway drivers training. For this reason, the operator has always been looking for the best way to improve its simulation solutions and trusted us to do so.

  • Tramway of Brussels - Belgium (STIB)
  • 1 Full-Cab Simulator
  • 1 Compact Simulator
  • 2 instructor stations
  • Observation facilities
  • Brugeoise-Nivelles (Bombardier) T2000
  • Bombardier T3000/T4000

STIB, which supplies the 19 municipalities of Brussels-Capital Region and its periphery with bus, tram and metro services, currently owns two tramway simulators in its training centre at Haren: one for Bombardier T2000 and one which simulates both Bombardier T3000 and T4000. Every year hundreds of drivers are trained in STIB's training centre which has been existing since 1979.


Simulators perfectly respond to the Belgian operator requirements in terms of training by fulfilling three significant functions: getting trainees familiarised with driving and signalling, teaching troubleshooting as well as rolling stock maintenance procedures.


The T2000 simulator has been in use since 1995. This one has been integrated within a carriage manufactured by the train constructor. Since its commissioning, we took in charge several refurbishments and system upgrades. For instance, we replaced all video systems with 3D CGI.


The Bombardier T3000/T4000 simulator is more recent. It consists of one tailor-made Compact Simulator including actual instrumentation of both Bombardier T3000 and T4000. The visual system is impressive since it offers a 180° view and improves the driving experience. The observation facilities enable all trainees to watch any simulation session and are the ideal tool for debriefing.


Furthermore, STIB also owns a simulator for the T7700 tramway model which mainly simulates breakdowns in order to teach drivers troubleshooting procedures.