Five simulators for Ferrocarril del Pacifico in Colombia

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Transurb designed one Full-Cab and four Compact Simulators for the new freight trains of FDP in Colombia.

  • Vecturis: private railway operator
  • FDP (Ferrocarril del Pacifico): rail freight transport company in Colombia
  • 1 Full-Cab Simulator
  • 4 Compact Simulators
  • 1 instructor station
  • Observation facilities
  • 100 kilometres of realistic tracks
  • Grindrod RL22SCN locomotive


The simulation room, intended for the training of approximately 40 drivers of FDP, has been installed in the “Valle del Cauca” in the south-west of Colombia. It includes one Full-Cab Simulator, which is the exact replica of the inside of the Grindrod RL22SCN locomotive. Four Compact Simulators as well as observation facilities with a capacity of 10 trainees were also requested by FDP to maximise their training sessions. Everything is monitored and supervised by instructors from the instructor station.


The simulator software has been configured with 100 kilometres of realistic tracks in the undulating landscapes of Colombia and with the signalling system in service. In order to reflect the Colombian driving conditions, technical issues, moisture in the air, heavy rains as well as the high density of dust during dry periods are accurately simulated.


This project took place as FDP ordered new Grindrod RL22SCN locomotives to increase the tonnage of its transportation. The Columbian transport company took advice from Vecturis to successfully carry out this project.