A Full-Cab on motion system for the Algerian Railways

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As Stadler was delivering Flirt trains to SNTF, the Swiss manufacturer was also looking for a solution to ensure the best training on the new rolling stock for Algerian drivers.

  • SNTF: Algerian Railways
  • Stadler: Swiss rolling stock manufacturer
  • 1 Full-Cab Simulator on motion system
  • 1 instructor station
  • Observation facilities
  • Stadler Flirt Electric Railcar

Stadler opted for a Full-Cab Simulator provided by Transurb Simulation. The solution is perfectly suited for SNTF drivers to gain driving experience on the suburb lines of Algiers.


The simulator has been installed in a real Stadler cab and placed on a motion system. This brings out the simulation realism by reproducing the exact dynamic behaviour of the train. A Fault Finding Station inside the cab also allows drivers to undertake procedures involving the whole train.


The observation facilities are equipped with seven screens and can host up to eight trainees. Together, they follow operation procedures executed by the driver in the Full-Cab. Sessions can be commented live by instructors, who can also organise group debriefing in order to improve observers’ learning.


Instructors manage the entire solution from their station. They can prepare exercises, interact with drivers, provoke failures in real time, choose what appears on observation screens, analyse results…