Full immersion training for SNCB drivers

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The National Railway Company of Belgium (SNCB) has been using simulators for a long time. The operator holds 13 training centres across the country and two certification centres, all equipped with simulators. All in all, there are two Full-Cabs for Alstom T13 train and 49 Compacts for Bombardier/Alstom AM96 model.

  • SNCB: the National Railway Company of Belgium
  • 2 Full-Cab Simulators on motion system
  • 2 instructor stations
  • Observation facilities
  • ERTMS level 1
  • 27 kilometres of accurate tracks
  • Alstom T13


The Full-Cab Simulators are placed on motion system, which maximises the feeling and the realism provided by this driving experience.


At first, they had been designed for the simulation of the T27 train. A few years ago, the SNCB called upon our services to turn them into T13 simulators. Since then, we have taken in charge their maintenance and have been upgrading hardware and software. For instance, we integrated the simulation of ERTMS level 1 (ERTMS DMI, EVC, 27 kilometres of accurate tracks… find out more here).


Located in the SNCB certification centres, the Full-Cabs are mainly dedicated to trainees' assessment. From their station, instructors can launch a simulation involving multiple-choice questions, specific exercises (approximately 40 failures can be simulated on the T13)... The session is automatically assessed and recorded. Each Full-Cab is also equipped with custom-made observation facilities.