The new training centre of Cairo Metro

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In 2011, the Egyptian Metro Company called for a new training solution to comply with the Cairo Metro Line 1 evolutions and get its drivers familiarised with modern urban transportation.

  • Cairo Metro: Egyptian Metro Company
  • 1 Full-Cab Simulator
  • 6 workstations (Computer Assisted Learning Area)
  • 1 instructor station
  • Observation facilities
  • 42 kilometres of realistic tracks
  • Alstom metro
  • Mitsubishi metro

The solution consists in a new training centre including one Full-Cab, an instructor station, observation facilities and a Computer Assisted Learning Area with six student workstations.


The Full-Cab addresses three broad areas of training. Firstly, it allows Cairo Metro drivers to be accustomed with the two new metros and their basic operations such as train preparation, use of equipment, driving, train dispatch procedure, response to abnormalities, coupling and uncoupling procedures… Secondly, it is the ideal equipment to train drivers for train failures and emergency situations. Instructors can provoke that kind of events in real time from the instructor station or plan them while preparing exercises. Eventually, the simulator enables training on the new line 1 for which we modelled 42 kilometres of realistic tracks along with the signalling system and 35 stations.


It is worth noting that the simulation sessions can be debriefed and/or shared with students thanks to the observation facilities. In this way, all trainees can keep learning even when they are not the ones driving.


As for the Computer Assisted Learning Area (CAL), which includes six student workstations, it intends to focus training on train system operations and malfunctions resolution for both Alstom and Mitsubishi metros. Each workstation is equipped with a laptop and CAL software. They also include a fault finding station and a virtual traction desk to enable driving. Three modes have been configured within CAL: exploration, exercise and evaluation. That way, trainees can discover the metro by clicking on its equipment (explanations are then displayed). They are also able to reinforce their driving skills and to learn malfunctions resolution thanks to the exercise mode. Furthermore, the evaluation mode submits students to random tests and centralises results.