R&D: TrainSim.net “the Web-Based Simulator”

Transurb Simulation is currently participating in the development of TrainSim.net a “web-based simulator” in collaboration with the catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Multitel and Defimedia thanks to the Walloon Region.

The innovative aspect of TrainSim.net simulator lies in its accessibility and its quick availability on the web. The online solution addresses the shortcomings of classic simulators (i.e. limited number of simultaneous learners, need for specific infrastructures, cost). TrainSim.net is indeed accessible online from any type of computer and reduces the price of training significantly.

Moreover, its online access enables its users to learn independently and with flexibility, wherever and whenever they have time to spend on training. An intelligent tutor will be configured to guide users and allow them to learn without instructor supervision.

This program is perfectly in line with the evolution of the railway sector: training centres are more open to new technologies and IT training solutions; the demand for independent learning increases; ERTMS furthers the standardisation of training solutions for a high number of customers… Transurb is thus involved in the development of cutting-edge projects.

To succeed, Logistics in Wallonia, the Competitiveness Cluster dedicated to the Transportation, Logistics and Mobility sector in Wallonia, helped us get funds for research and development from the Walloon Region. Our partners in this program aiming to improve the experience of self-training are the catholic University of Louvain (UCL), Multitel and Defimedia.


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