Greater Anglia’s Training Simulators Installed For Testing

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Published on 14.09.2018

Our project for Greater Anglia (UK) materialized with the installation of two brand-new train driving simulators. In a couple of weeks, drivers will be able to start training thanks to the Full-Mission simulators dedicated to the new rolling stocks that will equip the Greater Anglia Franchise. 

Flexible and Costumer-Oriented Approach

To exceed the expectations of both Stadler (the train manufacturer), and Greater Anglia (the end-user), we suggested improvment of our original offer at the beginning of the project. Initially, Transurb meant to create two simulators, one for the FlirtUK EMU train and another for the FlirtUK BMU. Within the scope of offering more flexibility in training to Greater Anglia, we proposed that both simulators would be able to simulate both trains (EMU and BMU).

The simulators will guide the assessment of drivers’ competence in day-to-day operations of the new trains, but also unusual situations involving faults, failures and degraded modes of operation. To that end, the Full-cab simulators include each an extensive set of malfunctions in accordance with client specifications and a 268 km portion of replicated tracks. 

Unique Partnership that rose to the challenge

The installation of the simulators presents itself as a living proof of our collaborative relationship with STADLER. It also embodies our capacity to offer complex training solutions for new rolling stocks. Indeed, the delivery of the simulators represented a challenge since Transurb had to anticipate the arrival of the trains to conceptualize the simulators in question beforehand. It was an ongoing process of modifications and updates to fit the everchanging train specificities.

Faithful Reproduction and Iterative Process

The co-creation between all stakeholders has allowed a solution that is adapted to the requirements of the client and faithful to the actual trains. For example, the simulators include real-like instrumentation provided by STADLER and the integration of an actual desk in the shell of the simulator. Furthermore, the software solution comprises extremely accurate trains reproduction of STADLER´s EMU and BMU.

Thank you to both STADLER and Greater Anglia

Transurb looks forward to new projects of cooperation with STADLER replicating past successes as the NSB Flirt Training Project in Norway and the SIMFLIRT Project in Algeria. We are again reassured that our promising future will stand upon these experiences and grow from there to reiterate these constructive experiences on the UK market.  

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