Instructor Station

Observation Facilities

Preparation Station

The instructor can prepare new scenarios thanks to the preparation desk. It allows creatingediting and saving exercises, before, during and after a simulation session, without resorting to the mock-up.

With our simulation management software, you can prepare all sorts of exercises in a couple of clicks. It allows you to preview your network, define the exercise properties, generate traffic, add events, add track objects and add theoretical content. From basic to very specific exercises, our software intends to meet your pedagogical needs.

Virtual Train: 2D, 3D or VR

Not only can cabin procedures and failures be simulated, but also procedures and failures involving the whole train. To allow the trainee to operate parts of the train not present in the cabin, a virtual train (Fault Finding Station) can be provided.

Thanks to a 2D or 3D touchscreen, the trainee is able to navigate through compartments and outside the cab and apply recovery procedures or solve rolling stock related problems. The Fault Finding Station is thus a cost-effective solution to train drivers to operate on the whole train as they would need to in real situations.

The Virutal Train is also useful within the world of Virtual Reality, where learners can walk or teleport into any of the location of the train or around the train in a completevirtual model of the rolling stock.That way, troubleshooting procedures are carried out with a series of accurate gestures with an immersive VR headset and two main controllers.

Motion System

At Transurb, we have the skills and experience to equip our simulators with all sorts of dynamic platforms. We have collaborated with various subcontractors specialising in motion technologies to integrate their system into our solutions.

We also have the unique expertise of building our own dynamic platforms from hardware to software. This useful knowledge makes us specialists to renovate or fix your current motion system.

From 3 to 6 DOF, we provide any motion system to meet your needs. In order to best address your requirements and constraints of cost and space, we can assist you in choosing the most appropriate system.