ETCS Level 2 for SNCB Simulators in Belgium

Once again, the national Belgian railway (SNCB) has put its trust in Transurb’s expertise in the fields of rail training solutions and more specifically ERTMS simulation by choosing us to upgrade its 51 simulators across Belgium with ETCS level 2 (2 Full-scale and 49 Compact simulators).

SNCB’s Evolving Training Needs accross the Years

Historically, a first batch of 35 simulators was delivered more than 15 years ago to get drivers acquainted with train driving, train protection system and troubleshooting. Later, 50 simulators were used to educate drivers to ETCS level 1. With the arrival of ETCS level 2 on the Belgian network, SNCB has decided to call on Transurb’s know-how.

ERMTS Level 2, a New Challenge for Drivers and Instructors

Thanks to this upgrade, SNCB will be able to address its new training needs and familiarize drivers with ETCS level 2 and GSM-R Baseline 1 (2.3.0.d.), level transitions and the GSM-R communication system. Thousands of drivers and aspirant drivers will be educated and certified on these simulators each year. SNCB will also benefit from our latest innovations in the field of rail training, such as the ERTMS Editor Tool, an intuitive tool allowing for quick edition/creation of ETCS exercises directly by the client and without Transurb intervention.

Latest CGI to Increase Trainees Motivation and Engagement

Along with this order, the reproduction of the Brussels Airport-Leuven line (36/36N) provided with the simulators will be completely updated with Transurb’s new and improved computer-generated imagery technologies to give drivers an increased feeling of immersion. An extension of the line will also be delivered as part of the project.

Long-lasting Collaboration with SNCB and New Ones Blossoming

This upgrade occurs in the framework of a fruitful partnership with SNCB, which Transurb has had the pleasure to collaborate with for more than 20 years. It also demonstrates and reinforces Transurb’s position as a major player in the field of simulation dedicated to ERTMS Training, after projects in Morocco (ONCF), Finland (KRAO), Denmark (Alstom), France (Euro Cargo Rail), Hungary (MAV Start), Australia (TfNSW) and so on.

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