Official Roll-out of TrainLab App with Demo Topic

The future of training is here !

Do you want to catch a glimpse of TrainLab, Transurb fully interactive advanced training solution designed for Railways Undertakers. Its mission is to leverage technology to improve learning outcomes of trainees by offering them a portable tool to practice on demand and learn by trial and errors.

TrainLab for trainees, TrainLab for Instructors

The application has two interfaces, one for the trainees, and one for the Instructors. It is both multi- and cross-platform to enable students and Instructors to use it anytime, anywhere. It utilizes gamification such as storytelling and scoring systems inside an immersive and engaging 2D/3D Universe and can be interfaced with standard Learning Management Systems (SCORM compliant).

Innovative blended-learning tool

TrainLab can be used both in classroom or in self-training modes and offers many advantages :

  • Gamification/Learning by doing improves student retention and outcomes
  • Unlimited access to operational assets
  • Convenient access towards virtualized equipment
  • Fun and engaging 3D animations, videos, animations, sounds, theoretical content, quizzes, …
  • Improved understanding of technical topics by students
  • Easy tracking of trainee’s progress & feedback, both by trainees and Instructors.
  • Creation of personalized training path according to (group of) trainees’ profiles
  • Integrated with your LMS (Scorm compatible)
  • Suitable for course re-designs, updates, etc with a powerful Instructor’s Edition interface
  • Virtual Reality to practice critical tasks as in reality

Increased Motivation, Retention and Learning Outcomes

The trainee application, available on tablet, smartphone, computer, and VR, simulates the vehicle into which learners are immersed and covers training topics which are tailored according to clients’ needs. In free or guided exploration mode, users navigate through their rolling stock and discover it with documentation, media content and animations. Learners’ states of advancement and progress are recorded, which allows instructors to gain insights into their knowledge and depth of understanding. Students can also monitor their own learning curve and personalized their training. By combining several types of learning materials within an interactive user interface, TrainLab boosts motivation, favours knowledge retention and maximises learning outcomes.

Demo Topic available on the stores

The demo version released on the Stores aims to provide an overview of the possibilities offered by TrainLab. Do no longer hesitate and go to the Google/Apple Store to download the public demo version for smartphone and tablet ! In the general introduction topic, you will follow a short pedagogical sequence presenting a generic passenger train designed by Transurb. Of course, Transurb Simulation is able to reproduce any type of specific rolling stock (passenger train, freight train, metro and light rail), as well as all the equipment inside it. This solution is also upgradable and is adaptable to route knowlege, maintenace training or safety learning topics according to clients’ requests.

If you want more information or if you would like to use TrainLab in your organisation, feel free to contact us at .

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