Mobile, immediate and modern simulators delivered to Euro Cargo Rail France

Our customer, Euro Cargo Rail, the French rail operator subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, accepted its Nano simulators last month. Thanks to this new acquisition, ECR is now ready to start the training of its new recruits. The key components of Transurb’s delivered solution are eight Nano simulators, a Preparation Station and an Observation Station.

Two of the eight Nano simulators will be actively travelling to train freight drivers on-site anywhere in France. The remaining six simulators will be used in the Euro Cargo Rail Training Centre located in Paris.

To fully satisfy ECR requirements, the simulation solution incorporates the French signalling system (SNCF Réseau) and train protection system (KVB). Furthermore, the systems will be updated with ERTMS level 2 and system transitions in the months to follow.

Mobile, Immediate and Modern training tools at the service of ECR Training Objectives

The choice to opt for Transurb’s Nano simulators was made by ECR in the light of three main training objectives of the company. Grégory Capon, education manager and project manager of Blended learning at Euro Cargo Rail, explains:

First, mobility: the Nano simulators are easily transportable and installable everywhere. This modularity offers the opportunity to bring the training to trainees instead of the contrary.

Second, immediacy: simulators can be directly integrated into the driver’s training curriculum from the beginning of the training. The simulators are no longer just a control method but are included from the start to increase interactivity, engagement and motivation during the whole training process.

Third, modernity: Transurb’s state-of-the-art technology, and agile software development are adapted to current and future evolutions of simulation training. The R3 Simulation Management software allows the conception of an infinite number of possibilities and, therefore, countless simulation scenarios.

A fruitful relationship leading towards new opportunities to revolutionize freight drivers training

We would like to thank Euro Cargo Rail for its trust and collaboration. We are confident that this partnership has just started. Surely, our mutual understanding of future training tools and approaches will lead to new collaboration opportunities.

If you want more information concerning our Nano Simulators or our advanced training solutions, feel free to contact us at

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