Unveiling Transurb’s Multiverse at InnoTrans 2024

Who says rail simulators should only be for train drivers?

In the railway industry, technical inspectors, shunters, and traffic controllers play vital roles in ensuring safe and efficient operations. These positions require just as much attention and high-quality training as train drivers.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Transurb’s Multiverse – the innovative solution addressing the need for comprehensive training across all railway jobs.

What is Transurb’s multiverse?

Transurb’s Multiverse is a dynamic training platform that connects various job-specific simulators. Each simulator is tailored to train a specific railway role, yet they can be seamlessly integrated, allowing trainees to interact and perform their tasks in a shared virtual world.

This unique setup simulates real-world scenarios where different railway professionals must collaborate and communicate to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Who will benefit from this innovation?

Train Drivers: Enhance your driving skills with realistic, challenging scenarios.

Shunters: Master safe and efficient shunting operations, now happening in virtual reality for an even more immersive experience.

Traffic Controllers: Develop expertise in managing rail traffic.

Why choose Transurb’s multiverse?

Holistic Training: Enhance the individual and collective skills of your teams by simulating real-world collaboration and communication.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Experience the latest advancements in simulation and virtual reality technology, providing lifelike scenarios and environments.

Flexibility and Customisation: Use the simulators independently or interconnected, tailored to meet your specific training needs.

Visit us at InnoTrans

Join us at InnoTrans 2024 to experience firsthand how Transurb’s Multiverse is transforming railway training. Discover the future of immersive learning and see how our innovative solutions can elevate your operations to new heights.

Wanna make an appointment with us at our booth?

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