New Simulation Solutions for MÁV-START and KTI in Hungary

It is important for railway equipment to be refurbished to ensure compatibility with advanced technology, quality, and security. Transurb is very proud that MÁV-START, the passenger transport division of the Hungarian State Railways, has chosen to collaborate with us for the renewal of their train driving simulators fleet.

Scope of Work

As far as hardware is concerned, Transurb will take care of the refurbishment of an existing Full-cab and 2 Mobile simulators, and the replacement of 3 worn out Mobile simulators by 4 brand new Nano simulators. Softwarewise, the old as well as the new simulators will all be equipped with our latest computer-generated imagery technology and our Simulation Management Software, R3. This software offers infinite possibilities of customization of the training sessions, which corresponds exactly to MÁV-START’s needs, a priority for Transurb.


As a specialist of the ERTMS simulation, Transurb will provide MÁV-START with solutions dedicated to the learning of ETCS level 1 and 2 together with the transitions to and from the national train protection system EVM. Furthermore, an ERTMS Editor Tool will enable the MÁV-START instructors to create, modify and customize their scenarios and the signaling in a fast and intuitive manner, in order for the trainees to be confronted to all the challenging situations they might encounter both on a national and on an ETCS network.

Parallel Project with KTI

Alongside this exciting project, Transurb will also provide the Hungarian Institute for Transport Science KTI with a simulator equipped with the exact same software as MÁV-START’s.

Transurb is very pleased with these 2 simultaneous collaborations in Hungary and is looking forward to the evolution of both projects.

For more information regarding this great projects or for a visit of the training facilities, feel free to contact us at

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