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Transurb takes a step further in its collaboration with Vy Last year, Vy had chosen Transub’s bespoke solution and purchased two portable and state-of-the-art Nano Simulators. Particularly satisfied with the core features of... Read more 10.02.2020 /en/news/transurb-takes-step-further-its-collaboration-vy
Save the date for AusRail + 2019 Transurb Simulation is excited to announce its presence at the AusRail+ Conference and Exhibition, which takes place from December 3rd to 5th at the Sydney... Read more 18.11.2019 /en/news/save-date-ausrail-2019
Transdev entrusted Transurb with the Simulators for Sydney's Light Rail Transdev, seduced by Transurb’s advanced training tools combining innovation and portability as well as the working methodology, opted for our simulation solution.... Read more 29.10.2019 /en/news/transdev-entrusted-transurb-simulators-sydney-s-light-rail
Transurb was at the 5th UIC World Congress on Rail Training 2019 A delegation from Transurb was at the 5th UIC World Congress on Rail Training 2019 in Morocco. We exhibited a Nano Simulator which we could easily transport and... Read more 28.10.2019 /en/news/transurb-was-5th-uic-world-congress-rail-training-2019
Evolving along with STIB by refurbishing simulator with CBTC Transurb was designated by Brussels City Transport (STIB) to upgrade the Full-Cab Simulator for CAF M6 metro delivered in 2005.   STIB’s Modernisation... Read more 22.07.2019 /en/news/evolving-along-stib-refurbishing-simulator-cbtc
EMD SD40 and EMD GT46AC Simulators with VR delivered to Setrag in Gabon End of May, Transurb Simulation training solution was put into service by SETRAG, the operating company of the Trans-Gabon Railway and subsidiary of COMILOG.... Read more 30.06.2019 /en/news/emd-sd40-and-emd-gt46ac-simulators-vr-delivered-setrag-gabon
Transurb will simulate 2 rolling stocks for Sydney trains For the third time in two years, Transurb won an international call for tenders in Australia. The operator of the metropolitan Sydney area (Sydney Trains) and the... Read more 25.06.2019 /en/news/transurb-will-simulate-2-rolling-stocks-sydney-trains
Another step forward towards Shunting Training for NSB Transurb received it its premises a Norwegian State Railways (NSB) delegation to review our bespoke training solution in April, which was successfully... Read more 13.05.2019 /en/news/another-step-forward-towards-shunting-training-nsb