Light Rail simulators delivered to Transdev in Australia

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Published on 30.06.2020

The transport operator Transdev has received Transurb’s training solution to prepare its drivers for the modernisation of the Sydney Light Rail.

The solution comprises 5 tailor-made simulators that replicate the Citadis X05 from Alstom and the Urbos 3 from CAF. These cutting-edge simulators are accompanied by TrainLab, a Virtual Trainer that efficiently complements training sessions.  

Space optimisation and high degree of immersion

Transdev has opted for a combination of highly portable computer-based Nano Simulators and a space-optimising, yet immersive Compact Simulator. The latter physically reproduces the driving desk while the rest of the train is faithfully virtualised. These Simulators allow significant space gain without compromising the quality of immersion.

These solutions can thus easily be contained in Transdev’s room and achieve perfect balance between immersion and portability. That way, Sydney Light Rail’s drivers can optimally train themselves on the Sydney Light Rail network reproduced in CGI.

Efficient training complement with the Virtual Trainer TrainLab

TrainLab consists of a 3D model of the Citadis X05 and Urbos3 through which Transdev’s trainees can navigate. This Virtual Trainer gives them the opportunity to explore the vehicle, learn out-of-cab procedures and get access to documentation, media content and animations.

This means that when learners are not training themselves on a simulator, they can still keep on learning about particular topics. Transdev thereby ensures active, efficient and continuous learning among its trainees.


We heartily thank Transdev for their trust in us and wish them excellent training sessions!


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