SNCF Réseau in France orders 30 ETCS Simulators to Transurb

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Published on 27.08.2021

The French railway infrastructure manager SNCF Réseau has put its trust in Transurb Simulation and ordered a total amount of 30 Nano Simulators, together with 6 Instructor Stations, 1 Preparator Station and 1 Observation Station.


Portable and flexible simulators

Given the wide diversity of rolling stock in SNCF Réseau’s fleet, as well as the range of training centres located in different areas, the ideal training tool for this infrastructure manager resides in the easily transportable and scalable Nano Simulator.

Solely composed of two high-performance screens and a set of tailor-made Clip-&-Ready control panels, the Nano Simulator can be easily transported in travel suitcases from one depot to another, and thereby meet each specific training need in the most flexible way.


Market leading expertise in ETCS

Over the years, Transurb Simulation has gained extensive expertise in ETCS Simulators thanks to our close collaboration with our colleagues from Transurb Technirail, who are experts in ETCS, as well as our many projects, for instance with ONCF (Morocco), KRAO (Finland), Alstom (Denmark), Euro Cargo Rail (France), MAV Start (Hungary),TfNSW (Australia), and so on.


Cocreation is Transurb's motto

Transurb sets itself apart in the simulation market by its way of collaborating with its partners. We understand that the creation of a simulator is a continuous and iterative process that requires listening to the client throughout the entire project.

That is why when we deliver a simulator, we provide our clients with intuitive tools that allow them to create their own tracks, signals, trains and scenarios. We thereby empower them to create accurate and varied training content with simplicity.

It is in this spirit of collaboration that we embark on this promising project with SNCF Réseau, whom we warmly thank for their trust!