A first in Asia: simulators for driverless metro trains!

SBS Transit, one of the leading bus and rail operators in Singapore, ordered a brand new simulation room to train its staff in the use of driverless metro.

Simulators play a great part in maintaining the expertise level of drivers who are no longer used to daily driving. The crew of driverless metro trains need to be able to troubleshoot breakdowns and drive the engine in case of technical failures.

The new training centre will include two classrooms; both will be equipped with one Full-Cab Simulator (for the simulation of Alstom metro on one side and for the simulation of Bombardier on the other side), one instructor station and observation facilities. The centre will also include a space dedicated to four Compact Simulators. Each Compact will enable training in the use of either Alstom or Bombardier metro thanks to our interchangeable driving desks. Each instructor station will enable instructors to supervise the four Compact and the two Full-Cab Simulators simultaneously.

Sets of exercises, events and malfunctions will be set up for each metro model. All the simulators will incorporate a virtual train to navigate inside and outside the metro in order to troubleshoot failures in and out of the cab.

To support the perception of a realistic environment, Transurb will provide SBS with a CGI geo-specific visual database reproducing the infrastructure and topographical features of North East and Downtown lines.

Transurb will deliver the equipment for the new upcoming training centre in 2017 so that the Singaporean operator can provide high-quality training to its metro crew.


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