Pioneering Virtual Reality along SETRAG in Gabon

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Published on 27.09.2018

The course of our project with SETRAG for the EMD SD40 and EMD GT46AC Compact Simulators is proceeding according to plans in total co-creation with our customer. Focused on improving the training experience of its students, SETRAG just entrusted Transurb with the integration of Virtual Reality (VR) within the scope of its simulation project.


VR for troubleshooting and out-of-cab procedures

Transurb will equip both Compact Simulators with a Virtual Reality Headset that will be used in the context of troubleshooting and out-of-cab procedures. This innovative technology will be the perfect complement to the simulators since it will offer another level of immersion and further develop driver's skill set regarding critical tasks of the training curriculum.


Solving the gap between in-cab and out-of-cab representation in a simulator

The VR plug-in of the simulators will offer driver trainees a complete, engaging and immersive learning experience. Indeed, while driving simulators generally focus on the physical reproduction of the driving desk and cab environment, the advantage of VR is to enlarge these features to the rest of the train and its surroundings. The virtual reproduction of the locomotives offers the possibility to walk inside and around the train, identify faults and resolve them as they should be in the day-to-day operation of the actual train.


Innovating with SETRAG

SETRAG will be the first client to take advantage of Transurb freshly developed VR Simulation add-on presented at Innotrans 2018. The growing relationship between our companies will allow us both to climb up the ladder of rail training innovation. We would like to thank, once again, Setrag for its trust and for this amazing opportunity.


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