SETRAG Trusts Transurb Simulation for Freight Simulators in Gabon

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Published on 21.03.2018

SETRAG Invests in its Railway

SETRAG, the operating company of the Trans-Gabon Railway, foresees a significant traffic increase on the 670 km-long track in the upcoming years. The Trans-Gabon Railway is almost entirely dedicated to the mineral freight transport from the port station Owendo, in Libreville, to Franceville. This projected growth calls for major investments in the renovation and optimisation of the line, but also in train drivers’ training. In this framework, SETRAG has chosen Transurb Simulation to provide it with a complete training solution.

State-of-the-art Training Tools

As part of our collaboration, Transurb will provide SETRAG with two Nano Simulators and two Compact Simulators. The Nano Simulators will be dedicated to the rolling stock familiarisation, the signalling management, troubleshooting procedures, but also to eco-driving training. As far as the Compact Simulators are concerned, each one will be designed with the driving desk of a locomotive in particular: a General Motor EMD SD40 one and a EMD GT46AC one.

Along with these four simulators, SETRAG will also enjoy an instructor station destined for the creation and supervision of the exercises, and an observation station for the debriefing part with all the trainees.


For optimized training sessions Transurb will simulate 50 km of the real track with our latest computer generated imagery technology. The simulators dedicated to the SD40 and GT46AC locomotives will reproduce their actual behaviour and dynamics. The trainees will be able to get used to the local signaling with exercises that the instructor will customise as they wish thanks to our Signal Editor Tool, as well as with the ARJ and ATRAC train protection systems. Furthermore, the simulators will be equipped with a virtual train for the learning of recovery procedures.

Transurb is very pleased to work hand-in-hand with SETRAG on the improvement of the Trans-Gabon Railway operation.


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