Successful remote refurbishment with Sydney Trains in Australia

Despite the current sanitary situation, Transurb has managed to completely refurbish eight Compact Simulators of the Australian operator Sydney Trains.

Expert training solution with new hardware and software

In order to give the utmost realistic and qualitative training to its learners, the operator of the metropolitan Sydney area asked Transurb to refurbish its existing Compact Simulators with new hardware and software elements.

Together with brand new and high-quality hardware components, the state-of-the-art Simulation Management Software R³ and the latest computer-generated imagery technology will allow Sydney Trains’ learners to evolve in real-like environments and ready themselves to drive both the Waratah and Oscar trains on 300 km of accurately represented tracks.

Besides the objective of increasing reality, Transurb’s refurbishment will also offer the guarantee of quality in the long term by increasing the solution’s reliability and longevity.

Overcoming COVID challenges

As the pandemic situation in each country is changing constantly, the reliable continuation of projects around the world requires flexibility and ingenuity. To refurbish Sydney Trains’ Simulators remotely, Transurb had to adapt and organise its usual way of working differently.

It was an opportunity, among others, to strengthen our relations on-site and to collaborate seamlessly with our local partner.

Another essential element to the success of this project was the dynamic, positive, and constructive collaboration with the transport operator. We therefore earnestly thank them and wish them great success in their upcoming training sessions!

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