Tunisia: refurbishment of TRANSTU tramway simulators

The Tunisian transportation company, TRANSTU, asked for the upgrade of its two Full-Cab Tramway Simulators which were delivered a few years ago.

TRANSTU invested in simulators to prepare drivers and address the particular challenges encountered in urban traffic. From their station, instructors can simulate any kind of events: train failures, objects or people on the way… Drivers can then learn to adopt the right reflexes when vehicles, pedestrians or bicycles are on tracks.

Moreover, the 180° visual system allows a nearly full-immersion of trainees in the city of Tunis. We therefore modelled 12 kilometres of realistic tracks. This full view reinforces realism as obstacles can also appear from sideways.

Recently, TRANSTU has asked for solution upgrades. For both simulators, one devoted to Alstom CITADIS and the other one to Siemens tramway, we will upgrade the software and replace all computers with more efficient equipment which will extend simulators’ lifespan by 10 years.


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